Fun boxes are terrain park structures that are about 15 to 20 feet long and about 2 feet wide. They are usually easier to ride on than a grind rail because they are wider. Line up for the fun box in a natural position with no twist (Photo 1). Look toward the end of the box for alignment. Ride up on the box and flex the knees if you don't want a lot of air for the first try (Photo 2). Make sure your board is flat. Edging the board will not change your path and can result in a fall. If you are misaligned, just jump off the side and try again since it is very difficult to line up once you are on the box. Just continue straight along the box (in the 50/50 position, Photo 2) and ollie (jump) off the end of the box. In this photo sequence, the rider has put in an additional move, rotating his board to the boardslide (crossways) position, facing forward (Photo 3).

________Photo 1_____________Photo 2_____________Photo 3________

Twist back to the riding position (Photo 4), ride off the end (Photo 5) and absorb the landing with flexion.

________Photo 4_____________Photo 5_____________Photo 6________

Photos 7 through 12 show views of riding the kink box, a more advanced fun box. Align the body with the box and look at the kink area (Photo 7). Ride up the box (Photo 8) and when at the kink (Photo 9), look down to the exit. Ride down the back (Photos 10 and 11) and exit with flexion if needed (Photo 12).

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In the following photo sequence, photos 13 through 18 show the same kink box but with a more advanced maneuver. In this sequence, the rider jumps the entry side of the kink box (Photo 15) and lands on the exit side (Photos 16-18).

________Photo 13____________Photo 14____________Photo 15________

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Video snowboard 50-50 over box lesson with normal speed and slow motion