Chuck Roberts
Ski Instructor

WEDGE TURN - also called the snowplow turn. Its an elementary turn with the skis in a wedge position where the tips of the skis are closer than the tails.

CHRISTY TURN - a skiing turn with a skidding phase.

PARALLEL SKIING - skiing the the skis parallel. Skis can be either together or apart.

INCLINATION - leaning of the body in the direction of the turn to engage ski edges and resist centrifugal forces from the turn

ANGULATION - arcing the body at the hip, knee and ankle joints to achieve a higher degree of ski edge

DIAGONAL STRIDE - the equivalent of walking in cross-country skiing.

KICK TURN - a way of turning to the opposite direction of travel by kicking one ski to a 180 degree position followed by the other ski.

TELEMARK - a stable position used in turning or on variable terrain. The lead leg is forward of the body while the trailing leg follows in a kneeling configuration.

SKINNY SKIS - cross-country skis

DOUBLE POLING - using both poles at the same time to thrust the body forward as opposed to the diagonal stride poling method.

SKATING - propelling the body forward by using one ski as a platform and the other ski as the sliding ski in a manner like a skater.

SIDESTEP - moving laterally in small steps on cross-country skis

HERRINGBONE - moving forward on cross-country skis in a stepping mode with the ski tips further apart than the tails, forming a herringbone pattern in the snow.

STRAIGHT RUN - traveling straight down a hill with the skis parallel and the body on the skis in balance.

WAXING - applying a coating to the bottom of the skis to reduce friction.