Chuck Roberts

ASYM BOARD- a snowboard that has an edge shift to-ward the rear and is asymmetrical about the long axis

BETTY- a female snowboarder

CENTER OF MASS- imaginary point on the body where the weight can be concentrated

CROSS OVER- center of mass of the rider crosses over the board

CROSS UNDER- The board crosses under the center of mass of the rider

FAKIE- riding with the tail of the snowboard pointed in direction of travel, with the rider's head facing in direc-tion of travel. Also called switch riding.

FALL LINE- the path a rolling snowball takes down a hill

FUN BOX- a long thin box on which a rider performs various maneuvers

FREESTYLE BOARD - a snowboard for performing tricks and usually used in a half pipe. Has soft bindings and boots and is easy to ride switch.

HANG TIME- Length of time while rider is in the air.

HALF PIPE- a long gully used by snowboarders to per-form tricks and aerial maneuvers.

HEEL SIDE TURN- turning the board in the direction the heels are pointed.

GOOFY FOOT- riding right foot forward

LEASH - a device used to prevent a runaway snowboard. Also called a retention strap.

NOSE- front of the snowboard

OLLIE- lifting the front of the board and then using the tail to spring off from the snow.

QUARTER PIPE- one half of a half pipe.

RACE BOARD- a snowboard used for racing. Has hard bindings, boots and is difficult to ride switch.

RAIL- a long thin pole for performing maneuvers

RIDING - going down a hill on a snowboard

REGULAR FOOT- riding left foot forward

SIDE CUT - the component of shape of a snowboard in which the middle is narrower than the tip and tail.

SKILLS- edging, pressure control, rotary and balance

SOFT BINDING -flexible bindings used on freestyle board

SOFT BOOTS- flexible boots used with soft bindings to give added maneuverability while performing freestyle.

SWITCH- riding with the tail of the snowboard pointed in direction of travel (also called Fakie).

SYMMETRICAL BOARD- a snowboard that is symmet-rical about its long axis

TAIL- rear of the snowboard

TABLE TOP- A jump with a flat top to for a take off and landing area

TOE SIDE TURN- turning the board in the direction the toes are pointed.