Chuck Roberts
Ski Instructor

WEDGE TURN - also called the snowplow turn. Its an elementary turn with the skis in a wedge position where the tips of the skis are closer than the tails.

CHRISTY TURN - a skiing turn with a skidding phase.

PARALLEL SKIING - skiing the the skis parallel. Skis can be either together or apart.

DOWNHILL SKI - a long ski used in downhill racing

SLALOM - a race where the skier goes in and out of poles (gates) planted in the snow

GIANT SLALOM SKI - a ski designed to make long radius turns and used in the giant slalom course

SLALOM SKI - a ski designed for tighter slalom courses and is designed for short radius turns

SHAPED SKI - a recent ski design concept where the tip and tail are much wider than the center or waist of the ski. This allows easier carved turns at lower speeds and shorter radii.

SKIDDED TURN - a turn where the tail of the ski does not follow in the track made by the tip of the ski

CARVED TURN - a turn where the tail of the ski follows in the track of the tip of the ski

POLE PLANT - touching the ski pole on the snow surface to aid in balance and timing

INCLINATION - leaning of the body in the direction of the turn to engage ski edges and resist centrifugal forces from the turn

ANGULATION - arcing the body at the hip, knee and ankle joints to achieve a higher degree of ski edge

ENGAGE - placing the ski at an angle to the snow surface so that the edge bites the snow and causes a turn

RELEASE - placing the ski at a lesser angle to the snow, disengaging the edge. This usually happens during edge change in a turn