After learning how to perform the wake side slide, the wake maneuver to switch is easy. Get into the side slide position as shown in the photos 1 through 3

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While in the side slide position, pivot the board so that the front of the board is facing away from the boat (Photo 4). Shifting the weight forward to engage the front fin on a twin tip helps this maneuver. Allow the board to rotate into the switch (riding backwards) position (Photo 4). To get back, cut to the wake in the switch position (Photo 5).

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As you cross the wake in the switch position, extend slightly and pivot the board back to the front riding position. You can get some air as you cross the wake (Photo 6) Shift your weight slightly back to engage the rear fin (Photo 7). You will quickly assume the normal forward (regular) riding position.

___________Photo 7______________

When in the switch position keep the rope handle near the hips to prevent rotation as shown in Photo 10. When turning back to the normal riding position, extend the legs to get a little air as you travel over the wake (Photo 11) which will help rotate your body to the normal riding position.

Figures 12 through 15 shows the transition from regular riding to switch outside the wake. Figure 13 shows the regular riding position. Rotate the upper body into the open side slide position (Figures 13 and 14). Then pull the handle toward the body and place it on above the hip facing the boat in the switch position.

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___________Figure 15__________